Cockpit conveniences


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Cockpit berth extenders:


The cockpit seats are about 7 feet long, but not quite wide enough for sleeping.To provide extra fair-weather sleeping space, we built extenders that increase the berth width to accommodate backpacker air mattresses and sleeping bags.


There are two pieces for each berth, supported by three knees and two longitudinal braces that plug into drains on the cockpit sides.







Cockpit tent:We custom-designed and sewed a tent that lays on the boom and perfectly fits our cockpit. It attaches to the lifelines. We have also made accessory panels.We have an additional sun-shade panel for the aft. We have mosquito netting for the entire perimeter with a zipper access door. We also have a rain fly.These features make outdoor sleeping much more pleasant!







Grill:We modified the grill mount so that it clamps to our stern running light. This allows it to be rotated and locked into any position. We had been coveting a nice custom grill for decades, and found this at a rummage sale.Perfect!††




Gimbaled baby seat:We made this gimbaled baby seat in 1969, used it again for our second baby in 1976, and are ready to use it again with our new granddaughter in 2012!It is an adapted car seat that attaches to the aft bulkhead.







Autopilot:We made a removable mahogany mount that bolts onto the cockpit coaming via bronze inserts. It can be used when needed, and then stowed away, leaving a traditional look to the boat.








Swim ladder:We purchased a telescoping four-step stainless steel ladder, and created mounts that index on the toerail at the lifeline gate. Itís so wonderful to have a stable, stowable ladder with two steps below the waterline!







Umbrella mounts:Mounts made of PVC pipe fittings and mahogany clamp securely to the lifeline stanchions.††They can be moved around, and securely hold a golf umbrella for needed shade on a hot day.





Cockpit cubbies:We put storage wells inside our new winch mounts. We also put some nice storage into our hexagonal compass stand! Itís fun to create new storage spots when we modify or make something new.









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