South Manitou Island, Lake Michigan


South Manitou Island was once inhabited, but is now part of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.Itís natural harbor made it a popular stop for old steamships looking for fuel (wood).The island is good for hiking and has several abandoned farms, a schoolhouse and a cemetery.Landlubbers can come here by ferry from Leland.








Approaching South Manitou from the northwest





Relaxing in the horeshoe-shaped anchorage






Crew posing on the shore




Our inflatable, with Voyageur in the background




South Manitou lighthouse





This restored tower marks the intersection of the two main dirt roads on the island



Old schoolhouse




Getting a drink from the well




Abandoned farm equipment



Abandoned farm buildings




Exploring the old farms




The foundation of an old barn




Hiking inland





Giant Cedar Forest





A rainbow rewards a wet arrival


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